Soul Nest

Soul Nest is a place of Remembering...

remembering that you are one with the Earth.

Soul Nest  is a place to remember the innate intelligence of your Body, follow the wisdom of your Heart, and listen to the whispers of your Soul.

Through a range of modalities, including: Hawaiian Lomilomi massage; Dancing Freedom; ancestral movement; vision quest; nature connection and eco-sensuality, you will connect deeply to your self and find a sense of belonging in the greater story of things

Soul Nest supports you to find your way back to your true Nature.

 "Completely phenomenal.

It wasn’t a massage, it was like a deep dive into the realm of my soul. I don’t really know what happened within me, but there were openings, silences, pleasures, my breath, her breath and all those moments. Thank you so much Serra, truly an experience to remember."   







- Emily Steele

"You can count on Nature to reflect your soul because it is your most wild and natural dimension"


Bill Plotkin

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